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          華中科技大學學報(自然科學版) 2020, Vol. 48 Issue (12): 32-37 DOI10.13245/j.hust.201206

          黃羿博 a , 王 勇 a , 張秋余 b , 陳騰飛 a
          a. 西北師范大學物理與電子工程學院,甘肅 蘭州 730070
          b. 蘭州理工大學計算機與通信學院,甘肅 蘭州 730050
          摘要 為了解決現存語音檢索系統中明文數據的泄露問題,提高語音檢索性能、生物特征模板的安全性和隱私性,提出了一種基于混沌測量矩陣的生物哈希密文語音檢索算法.首先,用戶端對語音進行分類,再分發與類為單一映射的密鑰,通過密鑰生成358位的Rossler混沌測量矩陣,并使用該矩陣對語音特征進行特征變換,進一步二值化生成語音的哈希索引;然后,通過改進的sha256算法對語音文件進行加密;最后,將哈希索引和加密語音送至云端.實驗結果表明:提出的算法不僅能防止明文泄露,而且具有良好的魯棒性、區分性和檢索性能;與此同時,生物特征模板具備良好的多樣性、可撤銷性、安全性和隱私性.
          關鍵詞 密文語音檢索 ;生物特征模板 ;生物哈希 ;Rossler混沌測量矩陣 ;改進的sha256算法
          Biohashing encrypted speech retrieval based on chaotic measurement matrix
          HUANG Yibo a , WANG Yong a , ZHANG Qiuyu b , CHEN Tengfei a
          a. College of Physics and Electronic Engineering,Northwest Normal University,Lanzhou 730070,China
          Abstract In order to solve the problem of plaintext data leakage in the existing speech retrieval system,and improve the performance of speech retrieval,the security and privacy of biometric template,a biohashing encrypted speech retrieval algorithm was proposed based on Rossler chaotic measurement matrix.First,the speech was classified by the client,and redistribute key with class as single mapping.A 358 bit Rossler chaotic measurement matrix was generated by the key,the matrix was used to transform the speech features,and the hash index of speech was generated by binarization.Then the speech file was encrypted using the improved sha256 algorithm.Finally,hash index and encrypted speech were sent to the cloud.The experimental results show that this algorithm not only can effectively prevent plaintext leakage,but also has good robustness,discrimination and retrieval performance.At the same time,biometric template has good diversity,revocability,security and privacy.
          Keywords encrypted speech retrieval ; biometric template ; biohashing ; Rossler chaotic measurement matrix ; improved sha256 algorithm

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          黃羿博, 王 勇, 張秋余, 陳騰飛. 基于混沌測量矩陣的生物哈希密文語音檢索[J]. 華中科技大學學報(自然科學版), 2020, 48(12): 32-37